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Do you love supermarkets? Are you a customer of the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, the Tesco? Do you have any grievances regarding anything from shopping to queries on products? Tesco is there to help you, answer all your queries via voice calls, through Tesco customer service phone number or mails.


Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the world, spanning over a wide range of business areas. Right from the clothes you wear to the books you read, Tesco has expanded in many spheres off trade. Having its stores located across Asian and European countries; Tesco is a leader in grocery markets in the United Kingdom with a whooping market share of 28.4 percent. It has its head-quarters located at the Welwyn Garden City in the country of the Southern England, Hertfordshire. Tesco’s origin dates back to the times when the world was trying to recover from the devastating World War 1.


This largest chain of supermarkets was founded by Jack Cohen a son of Jewish couplea year after the World War 1 ceased in 1919.It was the time when he opened a stall at the Wall Street Market in the East End of London to sell war-surplus groceries. Mid nineteenth century saw the Tesco growing in leaps and bounds with more than 800 stores through acquisitions. The first acquisition was made in the year 1957 when Cohen purchased seventy supermarkets from the Williamson’s chain of stores.


Cohen wanted to sell large quantities at the cheapest cost possible, hence, had his business motto set accordingly “pile it high and sell it cheap”. Tesco has diversified into various spheres with the Tesco Extra, the hypermarkets mainly located in the outskirts, Tesco Superstores, with grocery and non-food varieties more than that of Extra super-marts, TescoExpress, a supermarkets with sweets, chips and other bakery items, online stores and even Petrol stations. It also has subsidiaries named asthe Tesco Bank and Tesco Mobile. Tesco Banks can be considered as a financial wing of the Tesco,which was initially formed by a joint venture with the Royal bank of Scotland (RBS), which offers loans, mortgages, insurances like car insurance, life insurance, travel insurance etc. Tesco came into the mobile phone business after having a tie-up with the O2,and its networks, for functioning in countries across United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia and CzechRepublic. For Operations in Hungary Tesco mobiles rely on the Vodafone Hungary network.


Tesco has its customers services set up for different departments.For instant any query or complaints related to groceries can be made through calls to 0800-323-404 and 0330-123-404. Tesco direct can be reached via phone 0800-323-4050 and 0330-123-4050. In case of queries or grievance regarding the Tesco Club-card, feel free to contact them on 0800-591-688 and 0330-123-1688 or if you wish to send the queries via post, send it to “Tesco Clubcard, Freepost, TESCO SCO 5043, Dundee DD29XU. In general, 00-44-1992-63222 is the dedicated Tesco customer service phone number. Always ready to help! Tesco.

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