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Tesco is a company that found its place in the top three most profitable retailers in the world. This was made possible through a lot of consistent effort put in by its management in this expansion process. Founded in 1919, by Jack Cohen, the organization has spread its wings across various domains. Other than the grocery retailers they excel in and are famous for, Tesco has its own footprint into the Telecom sector with Tesco Mobiles; and into the financial sector with the Tesco Bank. Tesco House, headquarters of Tesco, is located in the Welwyn garden city in Southern England country of Hertfordshire. Tesco started with a small stall in the Well Street Market that once used to sell surplus grocery after the First World War ceased. Today there are more than seven thousand stores operated by Tesco worldwide, employing a huge strength of half a million people around the globe.

Path of Expansion

Every business has its unique path to success and glory that they strive for. It was in the mid nineteenth century that Tesco saw itself spreading at a much faster pace with more than 800 stores just within a span of 40 years since it came into existence. It was made possible through the acquisitions made during that time. The first acquisition being that of the Williamson’s store, Tesco bought seventy stores from them in the year 1957. Just a couple of years later, Tesco acquired a couple of hundred stores from the Harrow stores Outlet in 1959. In 1960, Tesco won the deal over Express Diaries Premier Supermarkets in acquiring 212 stores of the Irwins. The expansion path continued with 97 stores acquired from the Charles Phillips in 1964 and Visitor value chain of supermarkets in the year 1968.


John Cohen realised the fact that this customers wanted to get more things in the least price. Hence, his motto was strategically coined with this consideration in mind as “pile it high and sell it cheap”. Well, that is fair enough for the self-service stores so as to have more folks of people be attracted naturally towards it. John also had a motto which stayed internal to the organization to boost up the sales force working for him. “YCDBSOYA” expanded as “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse”. Simply means a lot of hard work needs to be done to get the business up and running smoothly rather than ordering it by sitting in a chair. This wide network of Tesco Supermarkets is supported by its dedicated Tesco customer service phone numbers and help-lines.

Quick Tesco Help-lines

Tesco head office phone number, Ireland is 00353-(0)1-215-2000. There is a dedicated Tesco helpline customer service team for Tesco stores reachable via voice calls (which are free of cost when called from BT landlines) on 0800-50-5555 and 0330-123-4055 (the calls starting with 03 means they are chargeable at the local service provider rates). The customer service team is available on all days in the week from 8 am to 8 pm with an exception on Sundays where they are available from 9 am to 6 pm.

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