Tesco is one of the largest grocery retailers in the world.
Tesco is a leader in grocery markets in Ireland, Hungary, Thailand and United Kingdom.


Tesco is one of the largest grocery retailers in the world. Originated from the United Kingdom, it has now stretched out to more than twelve countries across Asia and Europe, establishing a strong foothold around the globe. Tesco is a leader in grocery markets in Ireland, Hungary, Thailand and United Kingdom (where it has a market share of about 28.4%). Tesco was established by John Cohen in 1919 with the first stall being set up in the Well Street Market where he used to sell the surplus groceries after the Fist World War. Later with the passage of years Tesco has grown in size through various acquisitions and entering into partnerships and has now 6,809 shops around the world employing a huge strength of 460 thousand people. Tesco serves millions and millions of customers through its physical and online stores which roughly amount to 79 million shopping trips made by them in a week. For any customer complaints, Tesco stores customer service can be reached via dedicated Tesco customer service phone numbers, 0800-50-5555 and 0330-123-4055, open on all days in week even including Sundays (call timings differs on Sunday). Tesco head office phone number is +44-(0)-800-505555.

Tesco Values and Purpose

The core purpose of Tesco is “Serving Britain’s shoppers a little better every day”. By reaching out to about 66 consumers each second, Tesco’s focus has been to make their shopping experience better and better with each customer visit and hence, find a place, as a champion, in their hearts. Now, that is the core of every business, but Tesco takes it a step forward by seeing to it that the customers find it easy to buy things and have it delivered to them in the right way. Tesco considers its employees as being at par with it, addressing them as colleagues. Through its values system, Tesco tries to understand people, listen to them, may it be the shoppers to the colleagues (who strive to make Tesco better each day), as to what is that matters to them and tries finding out innovative ways and acts upon them. Hence, Tesco achieves it in a way that surpasses their expectations with the end results as happy colleagues and happy customers.

Store portfolio

  • Extra

    Tesco Extras are large hyper markets providing almost all the Tesco Product ranges. Tesco Extras are called so due to their availability mainly in the outskirts of the town. For any queries regarding the Tesco Stores feel free to reach out via the Tesco customer service phone numbers exclusively for the Stores 0800-50-5555 and 0330-123-4055.

  • Superstores

    Tesco Superstores as compared to the Tesco Extras are a bit lesser in size than and stock groceries and smaller range of non-food goods. Tesco Customer service can be reached via post by mailing them at “Tesco Customer Service Centre, Baird Avenue, Dundee, DD1 9NF”

  • Tesco Mobile

    Tesco had established its footprint in the mobile phone business through getting into partnership with O2, utilizing their network. For any queries regarding Tesco Mobile feel free to reach out to them on 0345-301-4455 (open all weekdays from morning 8 am to evening 9pm, Saturdays 8am to 8 pm and on Sundays 10 am to 6pm).

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