Tesco: Portfolio and quick helpline

Wondering what does the Tesco stands? Do you how it came into being? Well, Tesco is third most money-spinning grocery vendor which came into existence in the year post World War 1, 1919. Tesco name is built of two portions, TES and the CO. Former, TES, found its place when Cohen bought his first tea shipment from the supplier Thomas Edward Stockwell. Hence, TES arrived from letters of the Supplier’s name and the remaining CO was taken from the surname of the founder John Cohen. That is how the word Tesco came into being. Tesco has expanded a lot from the small stall it used to be in the Well Street Market situated in Hackney, to having about seven thousand stores across the world. Started by selling surplus groceries following the World War 1, it now has its own brand of items available in various stores across the globe. The expansion gave birth to various store portfolios based on the nature and size of the business.


Tesco has its portfolio for stores prepared based on a few parameters like store positioning, area of the store and type of materials it stocks and so on. The portfolio assorted to Tesco Superstores, Tesco Extra, one store, Tesco Express, even it has a solid foothold in the online market. Not only has Tesco expanded its footprints in grocery business, it has also ventured into mobile phone business and banking services. Being into partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland, Tesco opened its financial wing known by the name Tesco Bank. Getting into a tie up with O2, both the companies agreed upon using the O2 networks for enhancing communications for Tesco Mobile customers. A few of the Tesco portfolios are explained as follows.

  • Tesco Extra

    Tesco Extra is the name given to those hyper markets which are located out of town and are quite larger in size. They stock almost all ranges of Tesco Products. The largest 140 thousand sq. ft. store, the St Helens by Tesco, was built on the same site as the one used by the new Rugby League stadium. The Tesco customer service phone number for reporting grievances regarding stores are 0800-323-4040 and 0330-123-4040.

  • Tesco Bank

    Tesco has 50:50 ratio partnerships with RBS to form the Tesco Bank. This financial wing of Tesco offers various services like loans, credit cards, savings accounts, mortgages, several types of insurances like the home, life, car, travel and even pet insurance. The branding for these services is done in Tesco stores through leaflets. For any queries regarding the financial services the Tesco bank has a dedicated section in its own site.

  • Tesco Clubcard

    As a token of Loyalty to its customers, Tesco launched the Clubcard scheme. This introduction is said to be one of the important steps that catapulted Tesco to become the largest chain of Super markets in the United Kingdom. Tesco customer service phone numbers dedicated for the Clubcard are 0800-591-688 and 0330-123-1688. Also we can reach them through post by mailing at “Tesco Clubcard, FREEPOST, TESCO SCO 5043, Dundee DD29XU”.

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