Department wise Help-lines: Tesco

Are you fond of shopping? Then for sure, you must have known Tesco, a world famous chain of super-markets, one of ninth-largest vendors in the world, revenue wise, and the third-largest by profits. Tesco employs a work force of more than 460 thousand colleagues in about seven thousand stores across the world. This huge expansion in UK, hometown of Tesco, is said to have been possible with introduction of the Tesco Clubcard, a royalty scheme set up in 1995 which revolutionised business in the sphere of super-market business. A Wall Street Journal article had even once quoted about the intelligence that was used from the Tesco Clubcards to enhance the Wal-Mart’s initiative in the United Kingdom. Apart from this, the store portfolios of Tesco spread from the Tesco Express, Tesco Extras, Tesco Superstores, Tesco Metro, and in online computing world with Internet Retailing and stores.

  • Groceries

    Tesco, set up by Jack Cohen in a small stall in Hackney, once sold the surplus-groceries after the World War 1. Since then groceries has been one of the main focuses for the Tesco super-market chain. In various form of stores as the Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstores all have groceries as a fundamental stock. Tesco had even launched its own brand of items. All queries regarding groceries may be reached out through dedicated Tesco customer service phone numbers 0330-123-4040 and 0800-323-4040. All lines are open on all days in the week from morning 7 to 11 at night with an exception on Sundays where the timing is relaxed from 10 am to 10 pm.

  • Tesco Tech Support

    For meeting its technical-support requirements Tesco took-over an IT support firm known as “The PC Guys” in the year 2007, and hence, the Tesco Tech Support section was formed in the last month of 2008. For any problems that are found after purchasing your electrical goods, you can reach out to Tesco Technical-support Team on 0800-323-4060 (using the BT, UK telecoms operator, Landlines) or 0330-123-4060 (private calls made from numbers starting with 03 are chargeable at the local telecom provider rates)

  • Wine by Case

    If you require wines for celebrations at home or party order wine case just by a call. Wine by case support team can be contacted on 0800-323-4080 and 0330-123-4080, available on all week days from morning 8 to 11 at night and on Saturdays from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening and on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

  • By Post

    For any query, grievances or complaints, the Tesco can be reached out via posts too. The Tesco Customer Service Centre address is “Tesco Customer Service Centre, Baird Avenue, Dundee, DD1 9NF.

  • Club card

    Tesco Club-card scheme was launched in 1995 for the Tesco’s Royal customers. It is said that the intelligence recovered from the club-cards has had a major role in boosting up the expansion of Tesco to become the largest supermarket-chain in the United Kingdom. Tesco customer service phone numbers for the Clubcard department are 0800-591-688 and 0330-123-1688.

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